Strength In Numbers


Craftmark markets leather goods and accessories brands and manages their distribution in Singapore and the Far East. The company has recently turned its expertise towards developing its own brand of leather bags and accessories, Tessere, and found a timely marketing platform in GET SINGAPORE. This non-profit collective brand was created for the purpose of showcasing and promoting Singapore’s retail brands and merchandise of distinction and merit.


“GET SINGAPORE” is exactly the kind of platform we need and of course we were eager to get on board,” confirms Craftmark director, Ms Tan Ee Leng. “It is also a good opportunity for us to get to network with our industry counterparts for stronger ties.”


The GET SINGAPORE platform enabled Craftmark to market Tessere on a scale that would have been impossible for the company on its own, as Ms Tan explains: “The launch of GET SINGAPORE in VivoCity was well attended by the media, government agencies and other industry representatives, and the gallery showcase and special activities during the launch period were very well received by the public.”


Craftmark also benefits from the various GET SINGAPORE projects launched such as the website, which created greater consumer awareness for them, and the “People Behind the Brands” contest, as well as many other advertising, public relations and marketing programmes and activities.


“What has really been useful for us has been the co-op advertising platform,” says Ms Tan. Contributing brands only need pay a small fee to appear in a big spread in consumer publications, thereby lowering their advertising costs while increasing their exposure.


Being a collective brand, GET SINGAPORE also facilitates engagement with various government agencies and national programmes to create platforms that participants can leverage on. For example, GET SINGAPORE establishes links with strategic partners like the Singapore Tourism Board. With this, Craftmark received further market exposure through over 250,000 shopping leaflets, featuring their brand logo, product image and store listing, which were distributed in Singapore visitors Centre and various trade conferences.


GET SINGAPORE is helping to exorcise one lingering ghost from the past as Ms Tan explains: “Prior to GET SINGAPORE, many individual local brands were victims of the consumer perception that local brands are somehow inferior and foreign brands are more ‘exciting’. I think this is a side-effect of our national development. As Singapore developed, we have always looked towards the West for inspiration, particularly in fashion design. In this regard I would say that being part of GET SINGAPORE is a plus factor. As a collective brand, GET SINGAPORE has gained awareness and credibility quickly, and participating brands like us [Tessere] have also gained credibility in tandem.” Being part of a recognised collective brand has also helped boost the confidence of the company’s sales staff, who have become more confident of what they are selling and hence do a much better job.


Moving forward, Craftmark aims to leverage the GET SINGAPORE brand to access to international markets for Tessere much in the same way it has gained exposure in Singapore.