Arch Angel is a unique footwear concept store that carries stylishly designed shoes which are also supremely comfortable. Arch Angel was launched in 2007 because the founders noticed a gap in the market place for comfortable yet stylish shoes. They also found a general lack of awareness of the long-term, and sometimes permanent, damage that can result to one’s feet, knees, hips, and back due to ill-fitting and poor-quality footwear.

Arch Angel stocks a wide range of well-curated footcare accessories such as arch-support insoles, specialty socks and stockings, silicone and polyurethane gel foot pads, and foot treatment creams.  Our products are carefully sourced from all over the world by our footcare specialists who, apart from having in-depth knowledge about footcare, also have a keen eye for beauty and style. At Arch Angel, we believe that style must be comfortable, and can be comfortable. Like an angel to the arches of our feet, good shoes are a blessing.