Most Inspiring WSQ Trainee Award 2017



At The Craftmark Group, we believe in continuous learning and improvement. At the start of 2017, we enrolled ten of our employees in the Programme in Implement Lean Manufacturing offered by A*STAR SIMTech. Through the Lean Programme, our employees learnt to apply Lean techniques to improve Craftmark’s work processes. This has led to significant improvements in the company’s productivity.




On 16 August 2017, Ms. Sophen Liang, Human Resource Manager and team lead for Craftmark’s Lean Programme, was awarded the Most Inspiring WSQ Trainee Award by A*STAR SIMTech.

Sophen has proven herself to be an effective Lean leader and champion who is able to motivate her team members effectively as they embark on their individual Kaizen improvement projects.

During her valedictorian speech at the Awards Ceremony, Sophen shared that the Lean Programme has benefited her in many ways. In particular, one of the projects led by her HR Department was to implement a digital payroll system which has since reduced payroll processing time by 63%.

We congratulate Sophen on winning the award.